Welcome to the VACLab

The Visual Analysis and Communication Laboratory (VACLab) conducts research at the intersection of interactive visualization, human-computer interaction, and machine learning.

Led by Dr. David Gotz, the VACLab develops new methods of interactive visualization to support more efficient, effective, and intuitive information analysis and communication. The VACLab also studies how these new methods are used within the context of a wide range of domain application areas, both to learn why existing methods work and to discover new opportunities for scientific advancement. Many recent research projects have focused on healthcare and life science applications, though the lab’s research is not limited to these areas.

Student Research Opportunities

The VACLab team includes an inter-disciplinary group of student researchers. The VACLab has hosted students from a variety of majors (including Information Science, Computer Science, Health Informatics and Biostatistics) and levels of training (including undergraduate, Masters and PhD students). Are you intersted in this kind of work? Click here to learn more about student research opportunities.

Latest News

2020 Election Map

Visualizing the popular vote by state for the 2020 US Presidential election.

New Paper on Visual Causal Analysis for Event Sequence Data at IEEE VIS 2020

Jin et al. introduce SeqCausal, a visual analytics approach to causal analysis of event sequence data.

Fighting Selection Bias in EHR Data Analyses at the 2020 AMIA Annual Symposium

A new AMIA Podium Abstract describes a novel way to combat selection bias in retrospective EHR data analyses.