Over the years, the VACLab has advanced a wide range of research projects exploring different aspects of visual analytics and communication. This page provides an overview of several main themes that motivate much of this research. Clicking on any of the topics will bring you to a list of relevant publications describing the details of past and ongoing research projects for the corresponding theme.

To browse a complete chronological list of the lab’s publications across all topics, please visit the Publications page.

Counterfactuals and Visual Causal Inference

Enhancing visual analytics techniques to support more accurate and robust causal inference from complex data.

Combatting Bias via Contextual Visualization

Developing new visual analytics methods aimed at reducing threats to validity that arise from various bias effects during exploratory visual analysis.

Precision Health with Mobile Health Data

Using health data captured from mobile devices, sensors, and patient reports to understand patients beyond the point-of-care.

Event Sequence Visual Analysis

Visual analytics for pattern discovery from large-scale real-world event sequence datasets, such as electronic health records, to help understand complex systems.

Machine Learning

A variety of applied machine learning projects, typically in combination with interactive visual interfaces.

Health and Bio Informatics

A variety of health- and bio-informatics projects, ranging from usability testing to RNA folding.

Population Health Methods and Tools

Visual analytics techniques and software tools for population health analyses.

Multidimensional Visualization Research

Visualization techniques designed to overcome the challenges of multi- or high-dimensional datasets.

Miscellaneous Visualization Projects

An eclectic mix of one-off visualization projects that don’t fit nicely into other categories.

Sensemaking and Insight Provenance

New theoretical models of analytic sensemaking, and new intelligent interaction techniques that help users accomplish sensemaking tasks more effectively.

Multimedia Streaming

Scalable and adaptive approaches to non-linear media streaming.

Computer Graphics and VR

A variety of projects exploring new computer graphics technologies in areas such as virtual reality and high-resolution displays.