News and Notes

Look below for recent updates from the VACLab. There are two sections: News for announcements and our /etc section for commentary or technical posts.


New Work Presented at 2021 AMIA Informatics Summit

Wang et al.’s podium abstract describes an evaluation of medical NLP libraries when applied to patient-reported adverse event …

New Paper to Appear at ACM CHI Examines Analytic Focus During Visual Analysis

Zhou et al. describe and evaluate a new approach to modeling and leveraging a user’s analytic focus during visual analysis tasks.

2020 Election Map

Visualizing the popular vote by state for the 2020 US Presidential election.

New Paper on Visual Causal Analysis for Event Sequence Data at IEEE VIS 2020

Jin et al. introduce SeqCausal, a visual analytics approach to causal analysis of event sequence data.

Fighting Selection Bias in EHR Data Analyses at the 2020 AMIA Annual Symposium

A new AMIA Podium Abstract describes a novel way to combat selection bias in retrospective EHR data analyses.


Convert a Java Web Application (a WAR file) to a Desktop App

Building a new software tool as web application is a great way to let lots of people have access to your creation without requiring …

Search UNC Library Bookmarklet

This post is to share a bookmarklet that I created to help ease access to articles behind publisher paywalls. If you try to access an …

Election Maps: Representing Area and Population

Maps of election results are a staple in the US during campaign season. They appear in countless newspaper articles, TV news stories, …

A Tutorial on D3.js Joins

While there are a variety of Javascript libraries available for creating visualizations, the most widely used is D3.js. D3 stands for …

A Role for Visualization in Understanding Risk

Risk is a difficult concept, in part because of the many ways it is measured. Interpreting specific numbers can be unintuitive even for …